TV: It’s Gonna Be Bad

Okay, so now that we’re officially in repeat season let me just say that this summer’s tv programming sucks. I mean really. It’s atrocious.

Last night, while watching “Hit Me CootieGirlne More Time” – you know, the top notch reality show featuring bands from the 80s in a contest to see who still has it after all these years – Denis said, “This is really bad, and yet I can’t avert my eyes.”

And he’s right. It was bad. So was “Beauty and the Geek”, and “Dancing With the Stars”. I mean, c’mon – these tv execs get paid muy dinero (shout out to Les Nessman) and this is what they come up with? Sheesh.

I’m bulking up my Netflix list – moving a bunch of “must sees” to near the top of the list because I have a feeling Denis and I are going to be watching a LOT of movies this summer.

In other news, I did re-watch the pilot episode for “Lost” and it was nice to see some finer details that I didn’t notice from the first time around. Hindsight being all 20/20.

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  1. Hit me Baby… was awful!!! I was so embarrassed for some of them and Joe and I were glad that we tivo’d it so we could fast forward.

    Starting to run out of tivo’d shows and, maybe, might look into netflix. The Yankees aren’t a very viable alternative this season…

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