TV: I Want That!

Okay, so my new favorite show on HGTV is “I Want That!” which features cool new home gadgets for any discerning homeowner. What I love is that it presents new things that will be more easily available by the time Denis and I build our house in SC.

Some things recently seen on the show:

Ceiling Planks – why have hardwood only on your floor?
Affordable Granite kitchen countertops – why pay $000s for a solid slab when granite tiles work the same?
Composite Decking – why use wood when you can use something that looks like wood but lasts longer?

and my favorite:
Pella Window Screens – invisible window screens that allow more light and less bugs to penetrate and enter your house (my biggest pet peeve about our current screens). See the picture on the right? Pretty cool, huh?

The show has only been on a few times and already I have my Tivo set to record any and all episodes that appear on the network.

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