TV: I Love Repeat Season

I love repeat season. Why? Because it means I get to catch up on things I missed (including three Veronica Mars episodes that I NEED to see), but also because there is pretty much nothing on so I can concentrate on going through my Netflix list. I always watch a lot of movies from June – September. And this summer it’ll be pretty easy because: 1) no American Idol until the winter, and 2) no Amazing Race until September. I also think Survivor: Guatemala is not premiering until the fall either. Which means there is precious little on tv worth watching (as far as mainstream tv goes).

Now, can someone tell me if it’s possible to move a Tivo’d show from one Tivo box to another? Does DirecTV have that service? I thought I read somewhere that they do, and I want it.

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  1. I beleive you can move shows from one box to another. We can’t but I am sure you can, cause you have the fancy model. I think there is directions within the TiVo menu on how to connect the two,

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