TV: How I Met Your Mother – GET OUT!!!!

**Spoilers about tonight’s episode abound in the post, although I don’t get too specific – but you are warned**

Okay, so I logged on to see if anyone is writing about tonight’s episode of “How I Met Your Mother” and there’s NOTHING! How can that be? From the new Robin Sparkles video (starring Tiffany and Alan Thicke) to what happened at the end – how on EARTH is no one who is a fan of the show is not talking it up yet? It has been 15 minutes, people!

Okay, so let’s take it point by point on why the ending did NOT come out of left field. True fans of the show know that:

1) Robin and Barney enjoy each other’s company – see playing laser tag together, see smoking cigars together, see Robin getting hot and bothered when Barney made a move on her a few episodes (albeit in an attempt to find out who was warning the women Barney was trying to hook up with).

2) Robin is the “anti-bimbo” to what womanizing Barney normally goes for. She’s smart (unlike most of Barney’s flings), and she calls Barney on his crap. And he enjoys nothing more than teasing her right back with his Canada jokes and obsession with “Let’s Go To the Mall” (did you notice Barney said he has watched it 100s of times?). They are REALLY good friends despite being opposite sexes.

So of COURSE what happened at the end of the episode would/could happen. And not just because Robin was upset that James Van Der Beek broke up with her outside his van. Again.

Now, as for what happens AFTER this? I think they’ll agree just to be friends. Like Elaine and Jerry, I think those two ABSOLUTELY can remain friends after what happened. BUT, if the show sticks around for another season and ends up ONLY having that season, they’ll have to find some resolution – which I think will be Robin taming Barney – but only so much. After all, Barney’s chauvinistic narcissistic behavior is what makes Barney Barney. But we know Barney would enjoy settling down because he did it with Lily when she moved in with him for a few weeks last season (strictly as friends – she needed a place to crash).

*sigh* I love this show. If you aren’t watching it, you are missing out.

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  1. Last night’s episode was… wait for it… AWESOME! I am embarrassed by the fact that I used to have a crush on JVDB. Anytime Robin Sparkles shows up on my screen is a good time.

    As for Barney and Robin, I’d unfortunately read a spoiler that it was going to happen about four hours before it happened. Still laughed and giggled like, well, Robin Sparkles!

    I’m glad this show is getting better, especially since “Two and a Half Men” is getting so, so much worse.

  2. I rented the first 6 episodes this weekend, well, because of Britney…now I’m hooked. I didn’t watch last night because I still have a lot of catching up to do…but man…JVDB seriously needs a toupee!

  3. Unfortunately, I also had an inkling from all the tv spoilers like to read that this was going to happen. It was still a total OMG moment, though!

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