TV: Finally – A Great Night on AI4

So last night I wasn’t the only one completely impressed with 9 of the 11 remaining contestants on American Idol.

First of all, Carrie Underwood was hands down the best performer of the night. She was simply fabulous and I loved how she proved that she is NOT just a country singer. Simply outstanding.

Surprisingly, I didn’t mind Constance Pheaux-Rocker doing “I Think I Love You”. And here’s where Simon got his critique wrong: Since Pheaux-Rocker is not a true rocker, then singing this bubble gum pop song is the perfect song choice. It just shows that Pheaux-Rocker is NOT a true rocker. Simon said the song was a bad fit because Constance is a rocker – but the opposite is true. The song was perfect because he’s NOT a rocker. He sounded just like David Cassidy, in my opinion.

Bo Bice took a chance with “Time in a Bottle” (not the best song choice), but he’s a natural performer and made it work. I can’t wait to buy his album.

Another surprise? Vonzell Solomon. I LOVED her song – it was perfect for her and you could tell that she was finally really in her element and having a good time. She definitely deserved the praise she got.

Mikalah? Just go home, dearie. You are in danger of becoming this season’s Nikki McKibbin (I put that reference in there because all of a sudden Nikki’s Google searches that bring people to Cootiehog have outgunned Anderson Cooper Google searches in recent weeks – no idea why).

My picks for bottom-feeders of the week? Anthony Federov (who was horrible and picked a horrible song) and Mikalah Gordon. Mikalah goes home (I hope).

Don’t get me started on Nadia Turner. “Time After Time” is a good song but she changed it enough to make me hate it. The hair didn’t bother me, but the sped-up-pseudo-fast tune change did.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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  1. I actually still didn’t care for Vonzell. I thought Carrie and Jessica did the best even though Jessica is not my favorite of the bunch. I do think Mikaylah is going home. I am not sure who will be in the bottom with her, perhaps Anwar and Nikko? I don’t care much for Anthony, but thought he did a better job than usual. Bo and Constantine? Well, I just like Bo and even though it wasn’t my fave, I’ll go with it. I’m not necessarily a huge fan of Constantine, but he has enough spunk or charm or oddity to make me go around humming the songs he sings the next day. It will be interesting to see what happens since the mishaps with giving the wrong phone numbers and having a replay of the show and re-do on the vote.

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