TV: Doctor Who

Today at lunch we had a discussion about Doctor Who. Apparently there are people young enough that don’t even know about the show, nor the cult following therein. Two of the folks at the lunch table had no idea what I was talking about.

My dad loved this show – I can remember him watching it a lot in the 1970s (and possibly the 80s too). I wonder if he knows that a new season is being made in England. Not available in America, but still being made.

On a side note, I also found out that “Red Dwarf: The Movie” might be in the offing with much of the original cast involved. Rumor has it that it depends on how well “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” does when it gets released in April.

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  1. Hey, I wasn’t the one that brought it up at lunch in the first place – someone else did. So I went in search of websites to show the young pups what the show was, which is how I found out about the new season and the Red Dwarf movie.

    No nerd here. =)

  2. The “trifecta!” Dr. Who is STILL running here every Saturday night/Sunday morning, but I’ve seen every episode and don’t watch that much anymore. Red Dwarf was funny, but I can’t see a full-length movie in it. Hitchhiker is quirky, so it will depend on how they play it. Also, a lot of the humor in Hitchhiker was British “in jokes” so getting it made without losing something in the translation may be difficult. For example, the main character was named Ford Prefect. You had to live there to know that was the name of a a car, and why it’s funny as a character’s name.

    But, I’ll still go see it…

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