TV: DeAnna Pappas Makes a Choice


Okay, so apparently DeAnna Pappas’ priorities changed as the show went on. She started the show wanting marriage and three kids, and ended the show wanting freedom and adventure. I suppose she has a right to that. But she should have let the guys know (Jason specifically) that her priorities had changed so drastically. Then Jason could have said, “I’m out,” and let Jeremy fight it out with Jesse instead.

I wasn’t surprised that Jeremy came back to talk to DeAnna. And based on the clothing he wore, it looks like he came back the same day he was booted, not after DeAnna took the other boys to her family. Because wasn’t that the same outfit he wore at the rose ceremony when he got booted? Anyway, I was impressed with what Jeremy said to her – he was open with trying to give her a guilt trip. He just laid it on the table for her to see. She still said no. Poor guy. That’s gotta be humbling to have someone say, “You’re perfect, but not for me.” In any event, that whole scene made me rethink my opinion on Jeremy – I rather liked him after last night’s episode.

I find it interesting in the post-finale show Jason said “You never looked at me the way you looked at Jesse or Graham.” Wow! Talk about a calling out! That was awesome. I heart Jason. And I know he won’t get picked to be the next bachelor (I see them picking Jeremy though), but I hope that now that the show is over he can set about finding someone who will accept him as he is – genuine, caring, mature and honest.

As for DeAnna and Jesse, I do see them getting married. Jesse is young enough and his parents raised him to do the right thing, and so yes, he’ll marry her. Do I see the marriage lasting? No. Because at some point her priorities will bounce back to kids and settling down, and I don’t see Jesse being ready for that for quite some time. Adventure can only get you so far, but at some point you have to settle down, and I don’t see Jesse being willing to settle to a point where he is willing to give up traveling, snowboarding or freedom for the quiet suburban life that Trish/Ryan have (they being the only Bachelor couple that has not only gotten married but stayed married and had kids).

And while DeAnna dad may have said that he knew DeAnna would pick Jesse, I think in his heart he wanted DeAnna to pick Jason. He so obviously liked Jason because he was steady and reliable. Oh well.

So let’s all be on the lookout for May 9, 2009.

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