TV: DeAnna Pappas Finally Got It Right

Oh DeAnna – I was worried for a second there. Worried that you may keep Mr. Hot & Cold around one more week to see if he’d change. But thankfully, you didn’t.

It was all very high school, wasn’t it? So fitting that he took you to his high school gym for a fruit snack early that day. It showed you his state of mind. In that gym he was playful, fun, and friendly. But then you talked to his mom, who was open and honest and basically told you “Run away! QUICKLY!” by letting you know that relationships longer than four weeks just don’t HAPPEN for Graham. And no wonder. And then as the meet-the-family date came to an end he became sullen, quiet and closed-off.

Oh, the wonders of high school romance. But some girls dig that – and I think you do to a certain extent as well. After all, you kept Mr. Crabbypants around while giving good guys Lawyer Fred and Coach Brian the boot before they deserved it. So I think you briefly thought you might be able to “save” Graham – a trait that a LOT of women have when it comes to emotionally unavailable men.

But girl, you done good. You kicked him to the curb and told him exactly why. The only thing I DIDN’T like was telling him he was the only one for whom you had true feelings. Gah, he is gonna eat that up and lord it over all the men at the “catching up with the cast members” episode. Seriously. I can see it now, and it ain’t gonna be pretty.

And sure he gave you a note. A NOTE, for heaven’s sake. That’s what high school boys DO. They can’t be open and upfront with you in person but are much better at writing down their thoughts ON PAPER. It’s not until college that boys dump you over the phone. And post-college boys dump you after you help them move. Seriously. I know those both from experience.

Of the three left, I know you’ll pick Jeremy. So you can be sans-mother miserable together for life. You won’t pick Jesse. Even Jesse has to know that. But I still wish you’d pick Jason. He’s sweet, sincere, GREAT with kids, and completely open. He’s the anti-Graham, really. And therefore PERFECT.

Sidenote: Tonight is the premiere of “Wipeout” and if you love to laugh while watching quirky gameshows, you MUST MUST MUST watch this show. See the promo clip below, which really gets going at around the 0:45 point of the clip.

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  1. I felt bad for graham just because I think at some point they would be good together and I think deanna saw that. Could be years and years though for him. She made the right choice. I’m a fan of Jason too

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