TV: Could He Have Been Any More Relieved?

Jason Castro got the boot last night on American Idol. I’ve never seen a contestant look so relieved to be booted off the show!! Very funny. I like that he was very open about the fact he was over his head and I laughed when one of his post-boot comments was, “Next week would have been three songs – I don’t know what I would have done!” Heh. Now the fun begins for him – a couple weeks off followed by a fun (if tiring) tour around the country.

As for the final three, we already know Syesha will get the boot next week (is she the record holder for “most times in the bottom three/two?” Because she’s there a lot. And then it’s the two Davids. I had the thought this morning that when it comes time for each of them to sing the schmaltzy over-the-top cheesy Idol song I’ll be curious if David Cook totally “fixes” it into a better song. Archuleta is sure to keep it as cheesy as possible – that’s his forte, after all – but I’m hoping David Cook rocks it out as much as he can considering the fact he’ll be singing about butterflies and flowers and hearts and how this is his every wish fulfilled on this one magical night and where are the unicorns they should be here to celebrate the musical universe of love with me. You know – the Idol song.

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