TV: Celebrity Poker Showdown and AI4

Last night I was able to watch Tuesday’s first episode of the new season of “Celebrity Poker Showdown” – it was hilarious because Chris Kattan (“Saturday Night Live”) played and he had no clue whatsoever how to play poker. Plus he was funny as all get out. Thankfully, he was on for a full hour before he lost everything so the first hour of the show was incredibly enjoyable and I laughed a lot.

American Idol finally ends it’s mindless rounds of auditions and next week we start the eliminations. As for last night’s warblers, I personally hated the little Filipino girl that wore the barely there outfit with the mesh over it. Ace and I are of the opinion that she’s not the local high school tease, but rather that she delivers what she promises. I’m glad that Simon said (effectively) that she looked horrible and needed to change her image. She obviously went into it thinking sex would sell, but if you look at all the past AI winners that’s just not the case.

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  1. Sex doesn’t sell on AI? I don’t know – Ruben’s butt won MY vote.

    I haven’t watched a single second of this season. For some reason, we’re way out of the TV loop.

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