TV: Celebrity Charades

I just happened to catch a commercial for “Celebrity Charades“, a Bob Balaban show on AMC network. It’s on every night this week and features celebrities playing that old party favorite, Charades.

Last night’s episode featured such notables as Stanley Tucci, Jill Clayburgh, Louden Wainright III, Chad Lowe, and…wait for it…Steve Guttenberg. How’s that for hilarious? Where has HE been hiding lo these many years?

The celebs were split into two teams in two different rooms and the cluegivers had to run into yet another room to get their clue, then run back to their team and act it out. The person that guesses the clue runs to the other room, gets the clue, yadda yadda. Once five clues are finished, the team has to figure out the THEME of the five clues. The first to get all five clues and guess the theme wins the round.

Last night’s episode featured three rounds and I loved it. Bob Balaban is frickin’ hilarious and I laughed many times as I replayed the moment where Jill Clayburgh is trying (horribly I might add) to act out “A League of Their Own” to her evermore confused team, and Bob very simply asks, “Is there any word among the five that you can possibly act out?” to which Jill screams, “Noooo!!!”

It’s on every night this week on AMC at 9 p.m. – I highly recommend it.

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