TV: Brad Womack is The Bachelor. Again.

I half-heartedly told myself I wouldn't watch this latest season of "The Bachelor."  Not because I'm opposed to Brad Womack for not picking someone during his initial season, but because the show is so completely fake that it's not enjoyable.  I don't mind fake shows, but this is the worst of the worst.  Seriously – the over-clip narrations done by the Bachelors are just horrible.
But I tuned in, because like many former Bachelor fans, they wanted to see if Brad Womack really HAS changed.  Do I think he has?  Yes.  I saw an interview with him last year and you could tell that his original stint on the show  But he's moved past he, he learned a lot, and is ready to go for it.
Blah blah blah, party line – I'm toeing it here.
So I tuned in last night, just so I could see the crazies that came out to try and marry him.  And there were some definite crazies (hello, Fang!).  But two women stood out to me.  The nice one, and the mean one.  The mean one isn't all that mean – but she'll certainly be portrayed that way this season.  I don't remember her name right now, but either way I hope she's ready for that one.  Even in the clip package showing what's going to happen this season wasn't kind to her.  But from last night's episode, I liked her.  She's strong, tough, and knows what she wants.  Add in the fact that she was completely open about the fact that she has a child (rather than hiding the fact for fear of being booted first round), and I approve of her.  For now.
The nice one.  Well, I knew in 10 seconds who the nice one would be: Emily.  She happens to be from my area, and also happens to work at my company.  My company is large – over 10K employees in my immediate area – so I don't know her personally at all.  She, too, has a child, from a fiance that died in 2004 in a plane crash.  She found out a few days after his death that she was pregnant.  She did NOT tell Brad that she has a child, but she seems like such a sweet woman that I'll forgive her for that one for now because I'm sure it'll come up very soon.
Needless to say, I'll be Tivo'ing this season and will fast-forward through all the garbage and just keep tabs on who stays and who goes.  And I'll be rooting for Emily and The Mean One.  But mainly Emily.

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  1. I am rooting for Emily as well, she is so sweet! Her daughter and the girl I nanny for go to school together and are in a couple after school activities together. Root for her!

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