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Am I the only one that feels bad for Michael? I mean, c’mon – he did NOT harrass any of the women in the house. I think he’s flirting with the gals in the house might have been a turn-off, but from what they showed us, when the women asked him to stop he did.

But then Eric had to get involved and suddenly the term “sexual harrassment” gets thrown around and those are two pretty powerful words there. And all of a sudden Michael is the bad guy.

Now, to be fair – in last night’s episode he DID get weird and should probably get the boot. But his actions speak loudly of a man 1) bored to tears with 2) nothing but time on his hands to think about the situation which results in 3) resentment and bitterness which inevitably 4) gets acted out inappropriately.

Should he get the boot? Yes – but not because of any supposed sexual harrassment. Instead he should get the boot due to his inability to handle the shoddy treatment he received from those who wished to get him out of the house. He was downright annoying last night and that’s why he should get the boot.

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  1. I do think he crossed the line into sexual harrassment when April told him to step back because she is married and not interested in flirting with him and he bent over to kiss her belly anyway. This was what happened on Saturday’s episode and it made me cringe. He. Kissed. A. Married. Woman’s. Belly. After she told his to step off.

    Eric got involved because April asked him for help. Michael got all defensive and the rest is as you say.

    I think he’ll get the boot.

  2. I don’t like Eric, and yes, Michael would stop WHEN a woman asked him to, but he would still come back and start all over again 10 minutes – 2 hours – 3 days later. He didn’t seem to get the point that people like April, for instance, didn’t WANT him flirting with them.

    Not sure if you have the live feeds, but this can be seen with a little more clarity if you watch Michael prancing around off the show. 🙂

    I DO think Eric really blew it out of proportion – I think he blows almost everything out of proportion. I want him to stick around though because I. Love. DRAMA.

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