So this morning we watched last night’s Big Brother during which Jen got the boot. She’s so delusional. We all laughed when she said, “I knew that I was sacrificing myself for the team when I put up Kaysar.” Is she kidding?

We were really hoping James would win HOH – we totally want to know who he’d nominate since he’s playing both sides of the fence. Alas, it was Borderline Alcoholic Beau who won HOH. His HOH bedroom is going to smell like a distillery once he gets in there (those that read lives updates know what I’m talking about, but those only watching the tv shows have no idea just how much Beau drinks). We all know Beau will put up Howie and Janelle, and here is how I see Veto competition playing out:

Beau picks James (HOH always picks first)
Howie picks Rachel (of course)
Janelle picks….

See what I’m saying? If Maggie has her say (and you know she will because she’s the Queen of the Sith) she’ll get Beau to pick James to play for their side because he and Rachel are the ONLY ones that would be playable for Howie and Janelle. And if Beau makes Howie pick second, he’s obviously going to pick his own partner. Leaving Janelle with gross thirds: April, Maggie, or Ivette – none of whom will do anything to help Janelle in anyway, so they are lame duck picks at best.

Technically, Rachel needs to win HOH to stay safe when she takes Howie off the block, thus requiring Beau to put up someone, and it’ll most likely be James. At which point The Sith will decide who is worse: Janelle or James. Sadly, bye bye Janelle, although Maggie may opt to go with James (thinking that “we can all win the money against Janelle in the final vote”).

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