TV: BB6 In All It’s Glory

So yeah, last night I was ticked off about the Veto episode of Big Brother 6. I tell ya, if I had no job and no kids I would TOTALLY subscribe to live feeds of Big Brother and spend the entire 3 months watching.

I just read Jokers Updates, a website that outlines EVERYTHING that happens on the live feeds. I read the entire August 15th transcript which includes the fallout from Jen’s decision to put up Kaysar in Rachel’s place. Wow, is the BB house a mess.

I’ve often thought about going on that show (it’s an easy gig and would be an easy way to lose weight since there is not much else to do). Having said that, they won’t take me because I’m not 6 feet tall and 100 pounds. I could probably make it on BB2, but not BB6 and beyond.

Anyway, as to the BB6 house – I’m telling you that “Days of our Lives” has NOTHING on the BB6 house. I’m DYING to see tomorrow’s live show to see just what they are able to keep from the post-Veto chaos and the time up until the live show. Because a LOT has gone on. Howie has been ruthless in his verbal assault on…wait for it….April. Yeah, I said APRIL.

I’m tellin’ ya – if you watch the show, if you have watched ANY of it and are rooting for someone, I recommend you read the live updates. It has changed my opinions on one person in particular (read: James) and solidified my feelings on others (read: The stupid Friendship people – esp. April. Guh.).

And the whole April/Michael thing? I haven’t gone back to read those updates, but I guarantee that all of that was April’s doing and that Michael didn’t do anything wrong. If only because of the way she is reacting (and lying A LOT) about stuff over the past couple of days. This show (or should I say, the live updates) should be required watching for psych classes all over the country. It’s fascinating really.

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  1. Yeah, I had that thought about Michael and April, too. And it makes me wonder what we didn’t see about Eric and Michael’s argument.

    I’m sad for Sarah and James – turns out they’re not the villians as they’re being portrayed on TV. I don’t get why the producers would put forth such a fallacy in their edits when the reality is much better TV.

  2. James had been edited to look like the bad guy. He isn’t. He is really a very good guy.

    The JU site is now going more heavily towards supporting James. By the end of next week I expect at least 3/4 of us will be James supporters.

  3. I’m so upset by what happened last night, I’m not watching any more. Sorry Neilsen ratings. One less viewer. I couldn’t care less who wins from “The Friendship”.

  4. I seriously believe that James can pull it off and win this thing.

    I hope he does.

    He deserves it for keeping his cool while being trashed so often.

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