TV: BB6 and Rock Star – INXS


Ivette looked bitter when she only won the $50K last night at the conclusion of BB6’s finale. When Julie announced Maggie’s name (you know Ivette thought she had Howie’s vote), the look of disappointment on Ivette’s face was classic.

Should Maggie have won? Aw, who cares? I didn’t like either of them.

What I did enjoy, however, was the jury conversations at the house in Napa Valley. Am I the only one that didn’t realize until last night that James had a lisp? I also loved the raucous applause for Janelle when she came out as well as the look on everyone’s face when they found out that Kaysar had 82% of the vote to get back in the house.

As for Rock Star: INXS, it’s no surprise that JD won. He absolutely channeled Michael Hutchence last night on his INXS cover. It was magnificent and proof that JD will do well with INXS if he can keep his ego in check. And I called it on having Marty join them on tour as the opening act. I said as much to Denis before the results were announced, and was gratified when INXS asked Marty to join them as the opening act. It was the right thing to do since he’s such a phenomenal performer. That alone might make me go see INXS in concert again (I saw them in Charlotte, NC in 1989 when I was in college).

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  1. Ivette had the same sullen look on the CBS Morning show when they talked to her about the whole thing. I was up in the attic so I couldn’t tivo it. You didn’t miss anything, but Ivette was still upset about not winning all that money for “her family”. She keeps saying that she wouldn’t have won anyway if she went up against Janelle instead of Maggie which is untrue because her Friendship would have all voted for her — yes, even Maggie would forgive her at that point. And that little frowny face would have turned upside down at the end of the night last night. Oh, well.

    What Ivette did say was very interesting about how she learned many things about her friendship group and that she won’t be talking to some of them now that the show is over. She didn’t name names, but you can only assume.

  2. I agree on all counts, especially about JD channeling Michael Hutchence. I only watched the last 2 episodes, but when JD busted out on the last song I KNEW he would win because he sounded like INXS. I am all excited, because INXS was one of my favorite bands in high school.

    Julie Chen really whipped up on the Nerd Herd. It was awesome. She didn’t let them get away with anything!

    You have to listen to the radio show on They are archived now, but there are 2 shows from last week when Howie, Rachel, James and Sarah were on and then Michael, James and Janelle were on the next day. They are awesome. If you can’t find them, email me and I will send them to you. I downloaded them to my computer.

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