TV: Battle of the Scoobies

Last night was a Tivo-crazy night. Because so many new things were on that I wanted to check out, both our Tivo boxes were put to good use. Two shows I was most curious about were “Kitchen Confidential” and “How I Met Your Mother”, starring Xander and Willow from “Buffy”, respectively. Fox’s “Kitchen Confidential” had an amazing cast – I’m really impressed with the folks on the show. And besides that, I really enjoyed the pilot episode. I’ll definitely continue watching this one.

On at the same was CBS’ “How I Met…”, which I watched this morning while getting ready for work. I guess it wants to be the new “Friends”, only edgier. But despite a few coarse jokes, it was still a saccharine sweet comedy – something best enjoyed in small doses. Will I tune in? Probably not. I’ll Tivo a few more episodes to see if it gets better, but based on the pilot episode it needs to be less saccharine or it won’t be able to compete with the snarky “Kitchen”, which shares the timeslot.

I also Tivo’d “Surface” yet another alien-in-the-ocean series. And of course, “Medium” which I’m very excited about. I can’t wait to get back into this series, which won Patricia Arquette a well deserved Emmy on Sunday night. I’ve spoken before about how great she is and was thrilled that she won.

Up tonight? The BB6 and Rock Star: INXS finales.

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