TV: Battle of the Network Reality Stars & Rock Star: INXS

First up, RS:INXS, which didn’t disappoint. Happy to see Mig, Jordis and Marty in the top three, and I think Mig calling them up to sing with him was very nice – it didn’t seem forced like JD’s ridiculous “til I saw my sister” crap from a couple weeks ago.

I’m not surprised by who they booted off the show. She’s been in the bottom three practically every week, and it’s obvious that audiences don’t care for her. And if audiences don’t like her on tv, they certainly won’t buy her albums or see her live in concert.

On to the best show of the night: BATTLE OF NETWORK REALITY STARS on Bravo. If you watch reality tv, you need to watch this show. Folks participating run the gamut from Richard (Survivor) Hatch to The Miz from Real World to Mirna and Schmirna from The Amazing Race. A lot of shows are represented – Real World, Road Rules, Survivor, American Idol, Amazing Race, Temptation Island, Apprentice, The Bachelor, Average Joe, America’s Next Top Model, Joe Millionaire, Big Brother, The Swan, Joe Schmo, Showbiz Moms & Dads, and Project Runway. And yes, sadly, I knew every single contestant, even though I don’t watch Joe Schmo.

When the show first started last night I said to Denis, “I bet you ANYthing Trishelle from Real World is on this because she’s on EVERY reality show,” and within 20 seconds there she was! She’s doing some roving reporting during the events along with Omarosa and Bachelor Bob.

Anyway, it’s a true takeoff of the original Battle of the Network Stars back in the 1970s/1980s. They even show footage from the originals (which I have on tape somewhere – did I loan those to Jen?). The main difference is that this is a six-episode mini-series and includes voting off team members over the course of the six weeks.

Yes, it’s on my Tivo Season Pass.

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  1. Poo! I meant to add BotNRS to the rotation for the DVR last night and forgot. Double poo. I’ll have to check for repeats.

    I do not have your tapes of The Original, btw. Although I would love to watch them.

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