TV: An AI Kind of Night

So tonight AI was all over the tv, wasn’t it?

*spoilers in extended entry*

It’s about time that Scott Savol left the show. Thank you, people! My friend Ace today noticed that the website was down – I wonder if the folks at AI4 sent their legal eagles over to investigate. Either way, Scott finally got the boot and now all that is left is Anthony Federov and we’ll have a decent final three (with YAY Bo Bice as the frontrunner, in my opinion).

Then “Primetime Live” had a special all about Corey Clark from Season Two. It seems to me he showed enough evidence to prove that he did indeed have an affair with Miss Paula. Detailed descriptions of her house, voicemails on his cellphone, a prescription bottle with her name on it – seems credible to me. Does it make me think the show is tainted? Not really – not when it’s America doing the votiing. And anyway – do people REALLY take Paula’s reviews seriously on that show? Between her heavily overused “I’m proud of you tonight” to “The best performance so far in this competition!” you can’t believe anything she says from one night to the next.

And now it’s time for me to go to bed. Long day today at work, and a late bedtime for the kiddies – I’m tired.


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  1. Yes!!!!:laughing: Finally, I am so glad he got the boot. No fear Jaynee, your man Bo will be in the final two! He does have the better voice of the lot. I would say maybe Bo and Carrie in the final two!

  2. i, too, watched way too much AI related tv last night.

    but, i’m soooo thankful that scary scott was voted off….now let’s hope america pulls through next week to vote off Federov…

  3. I totally agree that the Paula thing doesn’t really affect the way she is on the show because she is gushy over everyone and rarely says that anyone didn’t do well. I do think it was all about publicity for Corey though…even though he “just wants to tell the truth”—yeah right. If I were a former contestant though, I might feel betrayed.

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