TV: American Idol Top 11 Performances

My tweets during the show, with filler (from last to first):

Hollie: Now I know why Holly has such a weird accent – her mom is British and she grew up in Texas.
As for her performance, it was a little overwrought for my liking, but is typical for what the producers like for the pimp spot each week. You could tell she was nervous – her shaky hands gave her away.

Joshua: Joshua was a bit screamy, like Erika Van Pelt, but I was spellbound. He’s a great performer.
Joshua was hands down the best of the night. Great stage presence and he owned the song. And he taught America the proper way to pop a crawfish!

Skylar: Skylar sounds good tonight as well. I’m distracted by her pants though – is that an awkardly place button on the fly?
I thought Skylar was great and it would have to be a pretty major fluke for her to end up in the bottom.

Erika:Why is Erica Van Pelt shouting at me instead of singing?
She sounded solid, but at some point I felt like she wasn’t singing so much as just belting. I’m sorry, but spending 75% of the song not singing will not make me a fan. Jennifer Lopez was right though – she looked the best she has yet.

Colton: I think I played Colton’s song while I worked at my college FM station. Sad, but true. In my defense, we didn’t have much to choose from.
Colton was good, but I fear his song choice might alienate people. On the other hand, he probably has a pretty solid fangirl base who’ll vote him through. But he needs to do what he promised and sing a more popular song next week.

Shannon: I think Shannon should have stuck with the No Doubt song – she could have done that one justice. Unlike this one.
Hated this performance – it was just as bad as last week’s, including the missed note at the time she needed to hit her best note. Denis has her name in his office pool. I told him not to expect to win.

DeAndre: Ah, apparently Mariah and Luther redid it in 1982. Still a bad song for Deandre.
Deandre not winning me over. Also, wasn’t this song from 1982?

Poor DeAndre – you could tell he hated this song. He shouldn’t have let Jimmy and Will.I.Am sway him to this song. Just horrible. He had better hope his fan base gets out the vote or he may be in the bottom.

Elise: Loved Elise’s song! May download that one!
I haven’t downloaded Idol songs in a few years, but I may download this one. I’m a fan of Elise’s (she’s one of my Top 3 picks), and she nailed this song. Sultry, soulful, and really strong. Let’s hope people vote for her!

Heejun: Heejun with another song from my college years. I’m old. And he’s pitchy.
Poor Heejun. That was the worst of the night. Not good in any way whatsoever.

Jessica: I thought Jessica sounded better than the judges did.
The judges were really hard on Jessica, and I don’t know why. She sounded great, and while it wasn’t a perfect fit for her, it was still better than some other performances on the show.

Phillip: Love Phillip’s song choice. Reminds me of college. He sounds good!
He’s not in my Top 3, but I know he’ll get there anyway. And with performance’s like tonight I may end up being swayed to the Phillip Phillips camp. This is another one I might download.

So who is in danger? If we go on performances, I think Heejun and DeAndre were the weakest of the men. Shannon was the weakest of the women. Of those three, I’d send Shannon home. But that’s up to the judges.

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