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Michael Johns: Didn’t like it at all. There were better Fleetwood Mac songs he could have chosen – he would have been better off with a Christine McVie song, since she has the deeper voice.

Jason Castro: He’s just a cutie pie. And if someone was going to do a Bee Gees song, I’m glad it was him. The guitar made the song sound less cheesy, and while the vocals weren’t the best, I just love watching him perform.

Luke Menard: I realized last night he does NOT have a good radio voice. It’s much to high. And he picked one of the worst Queen songs to sing – he should have done “Somebody To Love.”

Robbie Carrico: Sure, he’s a pheaux-rocker like Constance Pheaux-Rocker from a few years ago. But he did a decent job with one of the weaker Foreigner songs out there.

Danny Noriega: I liked him MUCH better this week than last week. I fully expected him to do a Donna Summer song, so The Carpenters tripped me out. I still don’t want him in the Top 10 though.

David Hernandez: LOVED IT. He was REALLY great and if he keeps it up he’ll make the top 10. He just needs to show more energy in his interviews.

Jason Yeager: Oh please send this guy home. He’s awful. Last week he was cheesy lounge singer, this week he was cheesy dancer. BAD BAD BAD.

Chikezie: I have to admit I didn’t know the song. And because I didn’t know the song, I didn’t love the performance. And the outfit – he looked like he just got out of class and was missing his backpack.

David Cook: Get a haircut. Other than that, a solid performance and loved the addition of his guitar.

David Archuleta: Okay, let’s talk about David A. I still hate his speaking voice. However, his version of John Lennon’s “Imagine” was breathtaking. It was everything that Blake Lewis’ rendition last year WASN’T. Blake’s was tired, bored and had no emotion whatsoever. David A.’s was the pinnacle of perfection. Pathos, sadness, hope, and all the emotion the song deserves. I hope he reprises this song when he gets down to the final 4-5 when he can sing the full song as opposed to a 90-second snippet. It’s the one song of the night I’ll probably download from iTunes tonight.

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  1. We finally Agree!
    100% on David Hernandez, he is my pick to win!

    David Archuleta: Another Fav. he is my second pick to win.

    Danny Noriega: Adorable, but keep him away from dry leaves in fear of setting them on fire. He will make it to the top 10 but not the top 5. I wanted to puke during last weeks vote off that he was a slobbering disaster when his boyfriend got the boot.

  2. I am totally rooting for D. Archuleta to win – LOVE HIM!

    As for D. Noriega … I’m hoping he will be gone really soon. Don’t like him or his whole “attitude thang” he has going on.

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