TV: American Idol – the Elite 8

Randy Jackson is out of his mind. He needs to be replaced as a judge (before Paula gets replaced). Last night was a little weird for me, dog.

Michael Johns – While it’s always tought to sing an Aerosmith song, I thought Michael did a decent job. Yes, it was a bit karaoke, but it was still enjoyable. As I mentioned already, Randy is on crack that Michael is not a true rocker – I think he is. He may SOUND like Michael Hutchence, but I think he gravitates towards that classic rock kind of sound naturally.

Kristy Lee Cook – Ugh. I’m biased – I hate country music for the most part. And what little bit I did hear last night (when I wasn’t fast forwarding through it) was very pitchy. She had one long high note that was off-key for the first half. So to have the judges slather all that praise on her….there’s something sneaky going on there.

Jason Castro – I love tthat Jason thinks out of the box and as a result picks songs that are perfect for his personality (Michelle by The Beatles notwithstanding). I love that Simon gave him such high praise though. Despite the praise, I fear he’ll be in the bottom three tonight because people will assume he’s safe and vote for someone else.

Syesha Mercado – I think it was a BIT mistake to sing a Fantasia song – much less the one she won the show with. However, it was technically spot on and she did a nice job. It just wasn’t a Fantasia nice job. Bottom three for sure.

Carly Smithson – I had just finished telling Denis that the way women get good reviews is when they sing songs sung by males so as not to bring out any unfair comparisons (re: Syesha). However, of all the Queen songs she could have done, this was not the right one.

David Cook – Dude. What are you DOING? That song SUCKED. Just awful. He may think that’s an inspirational song, but it was also a terrible choice for his range – it alternated between too low for him and too high for him. BAD BAD BAD. He deserves to be in the bottom three to teach him a lesson.

David Archuleta – I love this song and have it on my “good stuff” playlist on my MP3 player. I think he did a nice job. Was it great? No – although the last 20 seconds were BRILLIANTLY good. But 20 seconds of greatness in a 2.5 minute song is not enough for me. *sigh*

Brooke White -Poor thing. Going last is usually a great spot because people remember you more. Sadly, people will only remember how uncomfortably nervous she looked when the camera was close up. I don’t think she’ll last long because she’s too teary every week and talks back to the judges but not in a fun way that gets the audience behind you.

Randy was unnecessarily harsh on a few of the good performers as though he didn’t pay attention at all to the performances.

Bottom three? Brooke, Syesha, and Jason.
Going home? Brooke.

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