TV: American Idol – iTunes Night

Anoop Desai “Caught Up”: Not. Good. Seems like “My Prerogative” is the only fast song Anoop can do.

Megan Joy “Turn Your Lights Down Low”: Like Kara, I presumed she’d be singing Adele’s “Chasing Pavements” or something by Colbie Caillat (I didn’t spell that right, did I? Well, I don’t feel like looking it up). So for her to trash Bob Marley is almost unbearable. She had better go tonight or else I’ll….oh wait, I threatened to stop watching after Ricky Braddy got ousted, didn’t I?

Danny Gokey “What Hurts the Most”: This was a decent rendition, although I’m not particularly being won over by this guy yet – and we’re already down to the last night contestants. I liked him during the audition process (and even called him a sure-shot for the Top 10), but while he’s a great singer, he’s not at the level where I’d buy a ticket to the AI concert tour (as I did for David Cook last year).

Allison Iraheta “Don’t Speak”: It was a very faithfully retelling of the original No Doubt song. Very little was different at all. And her hair was atrocious. Hopefully the good will of the last two week’s will continue and she’ll be safe. There were worst performances, so she should be okay.

Scott MacIntyre “Just the Way You Are”: I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, but he’s just not good enough for Top 10. He should have been booted a couple weeks ago. I was surprised he got ANY praise from the judges.

Matt Giraud “You Found Me”: He can’t make up his mind. Is he rock? Is he R&B? No one knows – not even Matt! I agree with Randy and Simon that One Republic’s “Apologize” would have been AMAZING.

Lil Rounds “I Surrender”: Her worst performance yet. She sang so flat at times it was just painful. It is also THE worst Celine Dion song ever (and there are plenty of ’em).

Adam Lambert “Play That Funky Music”: What. Was. That? I’m back to hating Adam again – he lost all my good will from the past two weeks. This was just more of his shouting that I can’t stand.

Kris Allen “Ain’t No Sunshine”: It’s official. I’m on the Kris Allen train BIG TIME. With this performance (his third GREAT one in a row – and in the pimp spot this time!!!) he has completely won me over. Add to that a couple songs of his I have heard on YouTube and I’m officially a fan and rooting for him to win.

Who I think will be in the bottom three: Scott, Megan, and either Anoop or Allison
Who should go: Megan


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  1. I’m on the Kris Allen train too! He’s adorable AND a good singer. I bought his song on iTunes…just need to put it on my ipod. And Adam…WTH? Yeah, I didn’t like it..

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