TV: American Idol – 80s Men

In no particular order:

David Archuleta – loved him at the piano, agree that he should have stayed behind the piano. And am I the only one that prefers hearing him sing with my eyes close? He’s not a bad looking kid, but he has some really weird mouth mannerisms when he sings. But his voice is pretty much amazing.

Jason Castro – I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jason Castro. I love that he picked one of my top three songs of all time (Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”). Despite the hiccup at the end, this was a perfect performance. PERFECT.

David Cook – when Ryan said he was going to sing “Hello” I was VERY nervous. However, he rocked it! Has anyone covered “Hello” as a rock song before? He, too, makes weird faces when he sings (kind of a half-smirk), but it was great.

Danny Noriega – our Tivo was out for this one due to the storms in our area, but from the 20 seconds they showed at the end of the night, it was atrocious.

Chikezie Eze – I fast forwarded through most of this. He has an okay voice, but he picks awful songs. And his teeth are VERY tiny and thus VERY distracting.

Michael Johns – I just don’t like this guy. And am I wrong – didn’t Simple Minds sing Don’t You (Forget About Me)? I laughed when Randy said it was INXS. In any event, I just don’t like this guy even though he seems the most natural onstage.

David Hernandez – Oh David. Your time on Idol, despite being a great singer, will be short because of the recently announced news that you were an all-nude stripper in a gay club before auditioning for Idol. Methinks the demographic of AI won’t like that at all. Pity, too, since you are a GREAT singer (despite singing Celine Dion).

Luke Menard – poor Luke Menard. A face for magazines, a voice NOT for radio. And hello – of all the songs you had to pick Wham’s Wake Me Up? What were you thinking? Were all the good songs taken? (I know, there are precious few GOOD songs in the 1980s, but there are a couple)

My picks to go: Luke Menard and Chikezie, with Danny “Tainted Love” Noriega close behind and LUCKY to be in the top 12.

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  1. “David Hernandez – all-nude stripper in a gay club before auditioning for Idol.”

    WHA? Where do you get your info. I have heard nothing of this. **checks his Lavendar Phone for updates**
    I can’t believe I missed this. He is adorable too…

  2. Ace, Reality Blurred is all over this one.

    I listened to the whole show last night – didn’t watch a single minute because I was making jewelry all night. I don’t like Danny Noriega, but he sounded very good to me last night. The rest of your assessment I agree with, except for Michael Johns – I like him a lot.

  3. Yes David H. did have a stint of a few years in a club. This was all over our local news last night, which disturbs me no end the fact this is labeled as “news” – Really, who cares? Isn’t there more important things occuring in our world? Anyway, I digress ….

    I will say that my love continues for David Archuleta. He has to be one of the most endearingly sweet and genuine guys I have seen on AI in a long time. I am really rooting for him to win. L-O-V-E HIM.

  4. Ok… I was late in the game on the whole D. Hernandez thing. Its Jaynee’s fault really, because I spent the previous night reading instead of in front of the Tube. Why is it her fault… well she got me hook on the book Twilight. LOL

    Watched the entire show last night. I think David Hernandez did an outstanding Job and I don’t think America will vote him off. How come NOBODY mentioned the comment that David Norega made to Ryan Seacrest… Jane, you missed it. Ryan said “Oh I hadn’t noticed you put purple in your hair till just now” David Glanced over at Ryan Smirked his lips and said “MMmm Hmmm”.. Like “come on now you old queen, you know you look at me all the time”. LOL It was a moment I will never forget on idol. Good times. My most fav. song of the night (well it is one of my all time fav. songs) was Hallelujah. Jason is just OK to me, but he knocked that song out of the park.. even if we/he knew he screwed up the last line by not hitting the high note.

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