TV: American Idol: 80s Ladies

In no particular order:

Carly Smithson – She was fantastic, and I immediately recognized the song as a Cyndi Lauper song, not Celine Dion. So in that respect I liked it a lot.

Ramiele – It took me a long time to realize what song she was singing – and that’s not good. Because of that, her performance got lost in the shuffle in my head.

Brooke White – I LOVED her Pat Benatar interpretation. Well done!

Amanda Overmeyer – Ugh. This girl has got to go. She has NO control in her voice – her notes are never right on target – she kind of gets to them eventually. And her very limited vocal range will continue to hurt her – she does NOT belong in the Top 12.

Kristy Lee Cook – She did an awesome job turning that song a bit country. It fit her perfectly and was a great choice.

Kady Malloy – Uh. Who? Was that really a Queen song? Cuz Denis and I know Queen songs, and that one didn’t sound right.

Asia’h – Well, someone had to go first, and Denis and I both thought she was singing “Let’s Hear it For The Boys” by Deniece Williams. It was only during the recap at the end of the show that we realized it was that awful Whitney Houston song.

Syesha – I thought she did a nice job. I liked last week’s performance better. But she’s easily in the Top 12, so I won’t worry about it.

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  1. I will try to watch it tonight before LOST. I’ll watch Survivor tomorrow night.

    I love Brooke White, so I’m glad to hear she did well.

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