TV: American Idol 7: Jason, Jason, Jason

Jason – you must ALWAYS presume the camera is LIVE when it’s pointed at you. ALWAYS. Better to make a fool of yourself in front of a camera not airing than the make a fool of yourself in front of a camera that is. That yawn. Seriously, dude. At least cover your mouth and put your head down so it’s not as obvious. Do the “internal yawn” where you mash your lips together and refuse to let them part while you stifle the yawn. But do not stand there, hands in pockets, and let one rip as though you are home in front of your tv. Dude.

Because of things like that – you won’t be on much longer. I don’t think you were bored last night so much as tired – you kids all work like dogs during the week and probably don’t get a lot of sleep or rest. So yawning is acceptable – but yawning with no manners in front of a live camera is NOT.

And pick a better song next week. It’s Neil Diamond week – pick a pre-“Jazz Singer” song and you should be okay. Maybe an acoustic version of “I’m a Believer” or something like that. Talk to Ricky Minor – he can probably hook you up with something like that. DON’T pick “Love on the Rocks” because the title sounds cool. It’s a schmaltzy song that you should run from. Let Brooke do that one and go home because of it.


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  1. He annoys me dreadfulyl. Wish he would go home already.
    I’m getting a scissors and cutting those dreds.

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