TV: American Idol 7 – Girls Edition

Carly Smithson: I thought she did a great job. I’m a big fan of 1970s Heart, and liked Carly’s choice.

Syesha Mercado: Unlike Simon, I thought her rendition was fabulous. I *like* the fact that she didn’t belt it out, but opted for a more contemplative, private version. Very nice.

Brooke White: I thought she did great too – three for three at this point on the show. She even LOOKS like Carly Simon. I hope she sings the theme to “Working Girl” during 80s week.

Ramiel Malubay: This is when I started to get sleepy, and her song didn’t help.

Kristy Cook: Didn’t like this one at all.

Amanda Overmyer: she should shoot whoever talked her into actually going on TV with that hair. And once again, I didn’t like her song and she won’t last much longer on this show.

Alaina Whitaker: I would have picked Rizzo’s song from “Grease”, but what do I know? In any event, this Carrie Underwood wannabe will go far, but not with songs like this.

I slept through the rest of the show, so I have no comment on Alexandrea Lushington, Kady Malloy, or Asia’h Epperson.

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