TV: American Idol 7 – Broadway’s Top Six

Syesha Mercado – It’s a pity she went first because she was phenomenal. Her best non-ballad song of the season (although her first Beatles song is still my all-time favorite of hers). If she plays her cards right, she can DEFINITELY have a nice career on Broadway – which ain’t too shabby. But by going first she’ll be forgotten, and will be in the bottom three.

Jason Castro – At the start of the show I told Denis, “If anyone sings ‘Memories’ I think I’ll slit my wrists. So imagine how upset I was when JASON – JASON! – decided to sing that song. I HATE that song. Having said that – it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It wasn’t great – not even close – but it was passable. But sadly, he’ll be in the bottom three tonight because it wasn’t a strong performance.

Brooke White – I love Andrew Lloyd Webber. One of my biggest pet peeves about the contestants since the show STARTED seven seasons ago is that it seems like none of the contestant actually LISTEN to the words they are singing. And because of that, they don’t allow the audience to relate to them when they perform. So to have ALW specifically tell Brooke, “Hey girlie – do you even know what the song is saying?” (my words, obviously) was awesome. Having said that, I didn’t think she was that good. I actually got bored about halfway through and said to Denis, “This song seems twice as long as Jason’s.” Bottom three.

David Archuleta – He turned a B’way tune into a MOR radio song. Ugh. I also laughed when Lord Webber told David to keep his eyes open – in addition to his incessant lip-licking I always hated that he closed his eyes 99% of the time when he was singing. I really hope this kid doesn’t win. I know he will, but I hope he doesn’t.

Carly Smithson – She. was. awesome. LOVED IT. Of course, ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ is one of my favorite musicals, so I was biased from the start. But she did a fabulous job. Yes, a bit shouty halfway through, but still amazing.

David Cook – Before his session with Lord Webber I said to Denis, “I REALLY hope David picks “Damned For All Time” from Jesus Christ Superstar. That would be PERFECT for him.” Alas, he picked the second cheesiest ALW song of all time (“Memories” is first, “Music of the Night” is second). However, he did a good job despite some of the notes being too low in his register. I also didn’t necessarily love his two-note ending, but that’s okay. The rest was good enough.

So, bottom three will be the first three who performed. I fear Jason is really in danger tonight, but hope it’s Brooke that goes home.

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  1. Wow – really? That’s surprising. Maybe everyone assumed she’d be safe since she did such a great job, and went to “rescue” other people. Besides – hasn’t dialidol been a bit off in their predictions this season?

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