TV: American Idol 7 – Beatles Redeux

I absolutely 100% agree with Simon – there should NOT have been a second Beatles night. It effectively ruined all my happiness over last week’s show.

Only TWO performances stood out for me – Amanda Overmeyer was hideously bad – out of tune and not in sync with the music. And Syesha Mercado was absolutely brilliant in her soft but emotional cover of “Yesterday.” That’s it. The rest were average, although David Archuleta did a decent job with one of my favorite Beatles songs, and despite his smugness, I thought David Cook (nee Peter Frampton) was good as well.

The rest? Not so much. Brooke’s “Here Comes the Sun” was too easy and repetitive and boy howdy is she uncoordinated. Chikezie, who was so brilliant last week, tried to capture that magic again and didn’t do it as well. I think if he had stayed with the smooth R&B sound at the beginning of the song it would have been great – the lyrics actually fit that slower tempo quite nicely.

*sigh* Not good. Not good, dog.

Amanda, sadly, will be safe because I’m sure Vote for The Worst picked her last night. So because of that, I’m guessing Ramiele will be going home. Or Kristi Lee Cook. It’s a coin flip.

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