TV: American Idol 11 – Your Top 13

So I think I have my picks for top three this season on American Idol 11. These are not based on my preferences, but on how I think America will vote this season. I’ll save my personal top picks for the end.

First up:

Phillip PhillipsI have little doubt that little girls everywhere love him. Heck, I know adult women who love him already. So I have little doubt that he’ll make the Top 3 unless he has a REALLY REALLY bad week. No, strike that – because if he has a big week, the Phillipians will come out in force to vote to keep him in. So if he has a mediocre, non-standout week, he’s gone. But if he can avoid that, he’ll stay in.

Skylar LaneShe’s cute, she’s perky and she seems like she can be your friend. Very Lauren Alaina in that sense. But her voice is pure Reba, and she’s already a great entertainer on stage. She’ll get the country vote this year for sure, which should take her far (if you recall, last year’s finals had TWO country contestants battling for the prize).

Jessica SanchezJessica will either be this season’s Chris Daughtry, getting booted while in the Top 4, or she’ll take it all the way. She’s young, has a powerful voice built for radio, and also has the likeability factor. She just needs to make sure she doesn’t constantly sing ballads – she needs to let Shannon fill that category and go home in 8th place instead.

As for my personal picks, they are not too much different. I like Jessica, so she’s in my personal Top 3. But I also have:

Elise TestoneElise is very talented and of all the voices in the Top 13, hers is my favorite. I’m hoping she won’t age out (she’s 28, and both finalists last year were teenagers) and that people will get behind her and vote to keep her around. If they don’t, she may not even make the Top 10, which would make me very sad.

Colton DixonColton is my other personal pick. I really liked him last year during the Top 42 performances, but he didn’t make the cut. So I was really happy when the judges forced him to audition this year AND put him through to the Top 24. He was a bit theatrical during his semi-final performance on Tuesday, but if he does his own thing without overdoing it, he could snag the teen girl vote away from Phillip Phillips and make the Top 3.

Let me just say I’m VERY VERY happy that Brielle did not make the top 13. Of all the Top 24, she was the one I disliked the most, and watching her would have been like nails on a chalkboard. It’s bad enough the judges picked Reed. That schtick is going to get old. Hope he doesn’t make Top 10.

What about you? Sad a favorite of yours didn’t get through? What do you think of the Top 13?

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