TV: American Idol 11 – Top 9 Performance Show

Time to review tonight’s performance show! I’m watching it late tonight, and will live blog my thoughts as I run through the DVR. Let’s commence!

Colton, “Everything” by Lifehouse – loved it. But I’m partial to that song, which is one of my favorites of all time. I agree with Colton that it’s a great worship song – in fact, the church band I played with in NJ many years ago did that song a lot. It’s a great song, and Colton definitely did it justice.

Skylar, some Miranda Lambert song – I thought she did a fine job. Sometimes her country accent is too twangy for my liking, but that’s country, and some people love that. She’s not going anywhere.

The Colton, Elise and Phillip trio – I can’t hear Phillip at all during the harmonies. Does he not know his notes? Elise rocked her solo – “Edge of 17” is one of my favorite Stevie Nicks songs. Still, they sounded great together.

Heejun, “A Song For You.” Now, let me preface my comments by saying that I STILL listen to the Ricky Braddy version of this song from American Idol a couple seasons ago. Not know who Ricky Braddy? Well, it’s your own fault, America, for not voting him into the Top 10 that year (AI8), because he was AMAZING. Fortunately, his cover of this song was available on iTunes and it is absolutely pitch perfect. As for Heejun, it wasn’t anywhere near Ricky’s version, but it was definitely emotionally sung, which I appreciated. Worthy of standing ovation? Why yes, Ricky’s was.

Ah, time for Hollie Cavanagh and her strange accent (which is causing many people to come to Cootiehog for answers. Thanks, Google! Answer: her mom is British but she lives in Texas, thus the weird Brit-country accent). She did a decent job, but isn’t this her fourth power ballad in a row? C’mon girl, shake it up – mix it up. Because it’ll get old quick.

DeAndre, some Eric Benet song. Oh no. They told him to slow down a song that will have all that falsetto? I’m prepared to hate it. I’m not a fan of falsetto. Okay, so someone needs to tell him that when you are singing a song about crying all the time, you shouldn’t smile while you are singing it.

Jessica sang “Sweet Dream” by Beyonce. I liked how Jessica backed off and didn’t go into this with power ballad at the beginning. She eased into the song, and I really liked it. And forget Beyonce – she sounded like Adele at some points during the song. Great job by Jessica.

DeAndre, Heejun and Joshua’s trio. Um. That was NOT good.

Phillip, doing a Johnny Lang song. I remember when Johnny Lang was a blonde pipsqueak of 16 making records and gettin’ famous. I really liked Phillip’s performance tonight. He’s hit or miss for me from week to week – this was a hit. The thing I loved the most? His being VERY awkward when Ryan made a rude sexist comment to Jennifer. *lol*

Joshua tackles Mariah Carey. I listened to this one with my eyes closed, and for the most part he sounded good, although I didn’t think the screamy thing right at the end was appropriate for this song. But the rest was good.

Hollie, Skylar and Jessica trio. Now why won’t Hollie sing like this during her performances? She sounds GREAT doing Madonna songs!! Skylar, on the other hand, wasn’t that good.

Elise finishes out the show with some Zepplin, and she does a great job. But let’s talk about her outfit. I want that outfit. That outfit is something I would LOVE to wear. As for the song, she was great. Loved her scream near the end – very natural sounding and a nice fit with her performance. May download that one.

All in all a good night, and I think the ones in danger will be DeAndre and Joshua, but only because they’ve been in the bottom before. But everyone had a decent performance, and there were some great ones as well. As I said, I’ll probably be downloading Elise’s performance, as well as Colton’s.

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