TV: American Idol 11: Top 24 Perform

The past two nights I’ve been tweeting during the performances of the Top 24 on American Idol. I’m not much for the Twitter, but found it kind of fun. However, for those of you who don’t follow @cootiehog, here are the tweets (from last to first) to sift through:

I like Elise’s tone. Sounds a bit like Alison moyet, who i love. #idol

Jessica’s nervous but good! Very Jennifer hudsonesque. #idol

(RE: Shannon) I feel like I’m watching a pageant right now. #idol

(RE: Shannon) KATHY TROCCOLI? Is it 1984? #idol

Why is Haley singing the harmony part? #idol

Hollie finished strong but the beginning was a trainwreck. #idol

(RE: Hollie) Uh oh. A song with no melody. Oh wait… #idol

What’s with all the girls from Texas? #idol

Are they using in ears? They need to be. #idol

(RE: Baylie) We have our winner….erm, no. She must be REALLY nervous. #idol

Why is Schuyler wearing an iceskating costume? #idol

Hallie’s voice reminds me of Paloma Faith. #idol

Hallie is great. But i have to admit i loved Adam Lambert’s version of this a couple yrs ago. #idol

(RE: Brielle) Who talked her into this awful arrangement? Too low, then too high. #idol

Not a Brielle fan either. She seems entitled. Perhaps it’s because her mother is a stage mom. #idol

As much as i love Jen’s shoes, she’s not doing well. Sad. #idol

LOVE her shoes! #idol

Love Jen hirsh. Have high hopes! #idol

Erica’s vibrato is just like Cher’s. #idol

(RE: Erica) Oh no. Heart? I hate power ballads from the 80s. #idol

Not a country fan, but Chelsea did well for the opener.

Time to tweet the girls. #idol

I liked Jermaine. Glad he’s back. $1000 says he sings One Million Ways sometime this season if America keeps him around. #idol

Other than his pronunciation of “through” Joshua was spot on perfect! #idol

Yay Heejun! Love him. #idol

Perhaps Eben should have waited for puberty before auditioning? Sweet kid though. #idol

In the Air is a classic that doesn’t need rearrangement, Philip. Thanks for keeping the chorus intact. That part sounds good. #idol

Is Creighton Sam Harris’s kid? #idol #anyonerememberstarsearch

Popcorn has been made for remainder of show. #idol

Where’s the soap to wash my ears out? I did not like that version by Jeremy. #idol

(RE: Jeremy) Did they ever show this kid during auditions? Never seen him before. #idol

Good job Colton! #idol

I liked Colton last season during auditions, so I’m looking forward to hearing him tonight now that he made the top 12 guys list. #idol

(RE: Deandre) Never been a fan of falsetto. This one is not winning me over. #americanidol

Adam was better than Reed but sounded like the dude from The Commitments only not as good.

Oh Reed. U are no Sheila E. Trying way to hard and the hips come off as disturbing. #AMERICANIDOL

And tonite i shall be tweeting the American Idol men.

All in all, there were only a couple standouts for me. I really liked the performances by Jessica, Erica and Hallie. I hope that Jen Hirsh has enough of a following to stay. I don’t much care for the rest.

As for the boys, I liked the performances by Heejun, Colton, Joshua and Jermaine. It’s almost guaranteed that Phillip will stay.

Other than that, I’d say the Top 13 is still a wide open field between the remaining contestants. Tonight they’ll be culling the group from 24 to 13 (!) and it’s gonna be a bloody night of dead dream corpses laying all over that stage.

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  1. Jaynee

    : ). Love it. Continue to post here. I am not much for Twitter. For the guys, I liked HeeJun and Jermaine too. Girls, I liked Jen Hirsh and Hallie. Too early for your predictions of the Top 3?

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