TV: American Idol 7: Chikezie Eze Says Goodbye

So, it was Chikeze that got sent home. I’m not surprised (and he wasn’t either). I WAS surprised by who joined him in the bottom three – Syesha and Jason. I had firmly believed that Ramiele would be in the bottom three – never thinking for a minute that Jason would be.

However, my theory is that David Cook was SO good that a lot of votes went his way – at the detriment to singers like Jason and Syesha, who were both decent on Tuesday night. showed that this week David Cook – who took first place in their prediction list – got twice as many phone calls as David Archuleta, who is hands down the “favorite” to win this season (and has been in DialIdol’s top spot since the final 24 had their first singoff). So in a week where Archuleta is dethroned, I’m positive that the other 9 contestants were all “bottom three” by default this week.

Next week is Country Week, with Dolly Parton as the guest celeb mentor. No offense to Ms. Parton, but I think that is going to be a horrible week of singing except for Kristy, who should be in her element. Can David Cook do a new version of “Folsom County Blues?” Because I think that would be awesome. Can Syesha sing a doleful version of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy?” Or will we be subjected to the contemporary fluff of Dixie Chicks and Rascal Flatts again?

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  1. Yeah, I agree with that one. I think David Cook will do well with country, too, if he picks the right song. The others may struggle.

    And what’s wrong with Rascal Flatts? I heart them.

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