TV: AI8 Rock Night

One word: Wow.

And no, it’s not because Adam sang Zepplin. It’s not because Alison channeled Joplin. It’s not because Kris is too sweet to be singing about disease. It was that scream. The non-Lambert scream. The “oh he didn’t just go there” scream that (thankfully didn’t) close out the show.

Gokey, Gokey, Gokey. That was just, well, words fail me.

Michael Johns got booted for singing that song. And Michael Johns has range. You don’t. So why on earth did you think you could handle “Dream On” by Aerosmith? Dude – you don’t have that kind of range.

Now, ADAM could have handled it like a champ. He screams like nobody’s business (and did).

Of the duets, while Adam and Alison were technically more proficient, they didn’t interact much during their song. It was just a seesaw back and forth as opposed to a true DUET. At least Kris and Danny harmonized, which is normally how duets work.

I won’t make predictions on how I think voting will go. Now that there are only four people, it could go either way. With Adam in the bottom three last week, he is in no danger whatsoever. He could have sung the phone book last night (ha ha) and would have been safe. The Lambert fans won’t make that mistake twice. Of the other three – it’s a toss-up between all of them as to who will go.

Edited to add: Oh, and Adam’s outfit last night? Laughable. Seriously. He should have either worn a regular black t-shirt with the goofy necklaces and that’s it, or he should have worn that awful leather jacket with a black t-shirt and that’s it. But to wear the necklaces, the leather jacket AND a black t-shirt that had been ripped down to his navel? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA…..

**SPOILERS BELOW** has Alison and Kris in the bottom two. It predicts that Alison wil get the boot.

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  1. LOL…total agreement about Gokey’s scream heard ’round the galaxy. I hope is wrong. I “heart” Alison.

  2. Another site that claims they are right 90% of the time, says that Danny will get booted tonight. That’s interesting.

  3. I’m thinking Gokey might be going home.

    Lambert is all sparkly like that. His outfit was 100% Lambert. To downplay to a simple black t-shirt is not even a consideration for him.

  4. What happened to your arguement last night that the fans of the losing Idols would not vote for Adam, thus he is in danger through the rest of the contest? Now all of a sudden he’s untouchable like I was saying last night? Hmmmmmm….

  5. Well, if Gokey goes home, he’ll join the ranks of Tamyra and Daughtry, who both went home in the fourth spot. However, IMHO, Gokey isn’t nearly as entertaining as those two were during their seasons (season 1 and 6, respectively).

  6. No, Denis, my comment last night was about the FINALE – whoever he’s up against in the finale. His ownership percentage of votes keeps going down each round, as fans of Sarver, Scott, Matt and the others gets moved over to other singers. Therefore, by the time he gets to the finale, I don’t believe he’ll run away with it because the voters who voted all season long for the OTHER contestants will now focus their votes in the finale on him and just one other person – and as I said last night, I don’t see fans of Scott McIntyre or Michael Sarver voting for ADAM over Kris or Gokey (and to a lesser extent, Alison). So it’ll be a VERY tight race in the finale.

  7. Jen: I tend to agree. According to DialIdol this week, Adam got 22.81% of the votes. Gokey got 19.41, while Kris and Alison were both in the 14% range. So Alison is gone now. Let’s presume half her people go to Adam because Adam’s friendship with her was potent this past week (it is rumored that she was his favorite person in the house). So he’ll remain the frontrunner next week. BUT. What happens once either Gokey or Kris is gone (at this point I fear it’ll be Kris that’s gone next week unless he has an AMAZING week and really rallies the fans)? I do NOT see Gokey or Kris fans voting for Adam. So I’d say at least 80% of Gokey/Kris fans would move their votes to the remaining MOR radio-friendly contestant that faces Adam in the finale. Even if Adam commands 40% of the fanbase compared to 60% split by Gokey and Kris, once it’s down to two, Adam STILL probably only has 45% at best – although it may go up to about 50%. As such, I don’t think the finale will be a runaway sprint by Lambert, regardless of who he’s up against (and I PRAY PRAY PRAY it’s Kris).

  8. Yeah, I think that’s about right. I’d be happy if either Gokey or Kris win over Lambert. That said, all of the final four will have music careers and that’s pretty cool because they’re all super talented. I see Gokey in CCM anyway given his faith and church worship leader background.

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