TV: AI8 – Hollywood Week

This was a big improvement on last week. I’ll be downloading a couple songs from last night.

Allison’s Aerosmith song – I thought she did a great job (man I love her alto voice), although she hit a few clunky notes towards the end – it was almost like her earphone went out and she lost the band – she sang a note that was COMPLETELY wrong but managed to bring it back.

Anoop’s Bryan Adams song – So Anoop plans on being a balladier, huh? Cuz it’s obvious after this song that the ONLY type of song he can sing is a slow one. He did a good job with a good song. I’ll be downloading this one mainly because his recorded version is probably better than the live version.

Adam’s Steppenwolf song – Screechy Adam was back, and I’m not a fan of Screechy Adam. So here’s where I’ll put a clip of the type of Adam I like – soft, tender, brilliant Adam.

Matt’s Bryan Adams song – This is a great song, and Matt wasn’t that good. It had great potential, but he overdid it and overdid it badly. MANY MANY missed notes. It was almost like he was super nervous, which isn’t typical of Matt. But I think his confidence is fading and it showed.

Danny’s Endless Love – This was the FIRST TIME ALL SEASON that I liked Danny. He did a GREAT job and this is another one I’ll be downloading (which I never thought I’d say about Danny). His softer bit was lovely and I didn’t mind the showy part at the end because it fit the song well. Great job.

Kris Once song – Man, oh man, do I LOVE Kris Allen. LOVE HIM. I really wish he could win (but he can’t against the Lambert Love Train). This is another one I’ll be downloading. It was awesome. And way too short – I wish he could have sung the whole song, which is lovely.

Lil’s Gospel Rose – This is also the first time I liked Lil – she got a lot of grief for trying to turn this song into gospel, but I liked her vocals a lot. Will I download it? Probably not, but I think she should be proud that she’s going out on a high note, regardless of what Simon said.

Bottom three: Lil, Matt, Anoop.
Going home: Lil or Matt – but most likely Lil

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  1. Well the dial-in results on DialIdol have Lil at number two just under Danny; Kris at the very bottom, and Anoop right in the middle of the pack. I missed the show, sadly, but am glad to see that voters weren’t as enthused about Lambert as in previous weeks. He may be one of the best vocalists, but heaven help us if he’s our “idol.”

  2. I L O V E Kris Allen…I thought he did a beautiful job…no matter what Randy said…I’m glad Kara got her say so in…funny how they were only taking two of the judges opinions in this week…after last weeks running over…lol
    Yeah, I totally agree about Adam…he’s so much better when he’s not screeching…but I’m guessing after all of the theatre he’s been in..he’s wanting to do something different…but screeching…eeek..
    I also liked Lil for the first time and I was disappointed that the judges didn’t like it.
    Danny’s song was sweet…I liked it.
    And Allison, no matter what she’s gonna get some kind of record deal out of this…that girl has some pipes…even if she messed up a few times…

  3. Cathi – DialIdol had Kris at the bottom last week too, and he wasn’t even in the bottom 2-3. So I think DialIdol is good for who is up top, but not who falls to the bottom (thankfully). And rest assured – as I’ve been telling Mom – Lambert WILL be the winner this year. All signs point to “YES” at this point.

  4. I think it might end up being Danny and Adam for the final two. Jaynee, Lil going home? Doesn’t Denis have her winning in his pool at work?

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