TV: AI8 – Group Two Performs

Hmm…another night of semi-bad performances. I’ll just hit the highlights. I noticed right away that Adam got the pimp spot and Matt got what I will now forever call “The Ricky Spot” (second performer).

Jasmine Murray – very disappointing. I’m glad she picked the Sarah Bareilles song, but she didn’t sing it well. I thought she’d be a lock for the Top 12, but after this performance I’m not so sure.

Matt Giraud – I had high hopes for him given how great he was in Hollywood. And as much as I LOVE that Coldplay song, it did NOT suit his voice at all. Poor guy. He threw his chance away and only the wildcard can save him now.

Nick Mitchell – Love. Him. I was laughing and applauding through his entire performance. He is a GIFTED ENTERTAINER and if I knew him in real life he’d be my best friend. Oh wait – I’m already friends with him – his name is Ace. Or Jimmy I. from college. Either way, there are two gay men in my life who are TOTALLY NORMAN GENTLE. Man, I hope he makes the Top 12. Seriously. After seven seasons of normal AI, Nick is going to make AI8 a LOT of fun if he sticks around.

Allison Irahetta – VERY impressed with her. That’s one of the worst songs Heart ever did, but Allison made me like it. Very impressive.

Adam Lambert – THAT was toned down? Seriously, Adam? I can’t wait for the stylists get their hands on you. You need less eyeliner and CUT YOUR HAIR, for heaven’s sake. You are 27 years old. Time to look like it.

Staying: Adam, obviously. Allison, unless people are stupid. Third spot: I hope it’s Nick, but it’s probably Matt Giraud because fans will vote for him to make up for his crappy performance (see: Michael Sarver from last week as a reference).

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  1. I heart Nick/Norman, but I don’t think he should make the Top 12.

    Adam annoys me. As I told Beau last night, there’s something very contrived about him. We laughed out loud during most of his performance. Or groaned in disgust. Count me in the hated it group.

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