TV: AI7 – Dolly Parton Week

It was a decent show last night. And there is one song out of the night that I plan on downloading tonight after the boot show.

In my order of preference – from least favorite to the one I’ll download…

Ramiele – PLEASE, America – send her home. She’s not even in the same league as the other singers.

Kristy – Sure, she’s a country girl, but her song seemed rushed and frenetic. She DID look beautiful though.

Brooke – Nice job, Brooke! Cathi took me to task last week and said you’d do well with country, and you did.

Jason – I think he picked a GREAT song to sing – after all, he’s not exactly a country singer. But he was able to turn her song into more of a folk song, which worked. I liked it.

David A – That was GREAT – the best since “Imagine” during the Top 24 episode.

David C – I loved his arrangement, and am even more impressed that he performed while not feeling well (he apparently went to the emergency room right after his performance for heart palpatations and high blood pressure).

Carly – I thought she did a great job. Sometimes she worries me when she goes for the high notes – it almost seems like she’s pushing it too hard. But she always manages to nail the note, so you’d think I’d get over it. Anyway, it was good.

Syesha – I thought she did a FANTASTIC job. Simon gave her guff about the “Whitney” part – but I thought it was REALLY well done and I think she only deserved praise. Out of ALL the contestants on AI from season one to now, I think this was the best performance of any Celine/Whitney/Mariah song.

Michael Johns – This is the song I’ll be downloading tonight. I thought it was BRILLIANTLY done. My Tivo cut out just as the song ended, so I don’t know what the judges thought, but I’d be shocked if they were negative about it at all. The song was PERFECT for him.

Who’s going home? I hope it’s Ramiele. I hope it’s not Syesha – not after last night’s fantastic performance.

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  1. I pretty much agree across the board, although I don’t think Brooke did quite as well as I expected her to. Syesha was beautiful–vocally and visually. Michael Johns and David C. were wonderful. But David A. won the night for me…something about that kid. And Ramiele, I’m sure you’re a sweetheart, but go home and get ready for tour. You really are on a different planet and it’s not helping the show for you to stay.

  2. The good news is that Ramiele had the lowest call-in rate at The bad news is that Jason Castro ranked 2nd lowest. Kristy Lee Cook rounded out the bottom three at

    I’m hopeful that this means Ramiele is going home. I’ll be sad if it’s Jason Castro.

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