Well, I at least got the part right about who went home.

I knew Anwar would go home, but thinking back on it I don’t know why I chose Carrie and Vonzell for the bottom three – they are the only chicks left and they’ll be around for a while just based on that fact.

As for Ryan getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? Yeah, whatever, dude – you paid for it, so it’s not like it’s some award. And in 50 years someone will be walking over your star saying, “Who’s Ryan Seacrest – never heard of him.”

C’mon – you know it’s true.

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Thanks, Constance Pheaux-Rocker. Thanks for ruining the most perfect Queen song ever. ‘Preciate it.

Is it me or did Daryl Hall just have a little too much plastic surgery done? He looked like Joan Rivers with a sunburn.

Overall the night was okay. Carrie did a great job with “Love is a Battlefield” and I didn’t even hear the mistake she made. I thought it was a fun song and she did well.

Vonzell also did great with the worst song on the “Footloose” soundtrack.

Is it really sad that the “songs from the year you were born” were mostly songs from when I was in high school? That’s sad, right? Can someone confirm or deny?

Federov murdered a perfectly good Paul Young song – he needs to go home. And what on EARTH made Anwar pick one of the worst songs of the 80s? Dude, NO ONE likes that song.

I actually liked Nadia’s pick. Because “no one” knew it, we couldn’t tell what a rip-off copycat it cover it was (*pointed glance at Scott Savol*). I just think it was a bad song to have as the first performance of the night – slow songs never go well straight outta the gate. But I thought she was good.

My thoughts on the bottom three: Nadia (sadly), Scott Savol, and Anthony – with Scott going home.

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  1. Well, I wasn’t actively watching, but I thought Constance was pretty good. And I hate saying that.

    Carrie rocked as did Bo. Come on, Freebird? Classic! And Simon doesn’t get that distinctly American phenomenon, imho.

    Federov has got to go. Really. Like, yesterday.

  2. i’ve got the same picks for the bottom 3. unfortunately, there are some morons out there voting for Scary Scott and i think he’ll definitely make it to next week, and i fear that Nadia will be going home.

    poor girl. it’s not your time, yet. Anthony and Scott both need to go before you, honey. but unfortunately, you’re up against the two sob stories.

  3. I too thought that Carrie did a great job with my girl Pat’s song. Paula needs to get voted out this week. Oh, I mean Scott. What was he doing up there? However I think Nadia is going to get the boot this evening. Simon really came down hard on her last night.

    Still love Vonzell and I hope she wins the entire thing. I have liked her from the get-go. I didn’t think Anthony did a bad job last night. I mean it was what it was… but out of all his performances it was the best, in my opinion.

    How about the sneaky ending to the Amazing Race… now that is a show!

  4. I am surprised you likes Carrie’s performance. I thought it was her worst one yet, bad enough to get her into the bottom three, but I guess all the guys are seeing that she doesn’t make it there. I thought Constantine again did a wonderful job and I thought Scott murdered the Hall & Oates song! Bo was ok—I was surprised to see him make the bottom 3, but I didn’t think it was so special. The problem with him (and I really like him), is that he always sounds the same to me. You’ve heard one, you’ve heard them all from him.

  5. Carrie butchered PB’s song! She sang the wrong notes and the wrong words. I thought Nadia was great and Constantine finally showed a bit of talent! What sob stories? I only started keeping up the last five weeks or so.

  6. I did like Carrie’s performance – she has a strong voice and she handled the song great (I heard NO wrong notes and she RARELY goes off-pitch). Sure she forgot words – but she covered it well (at least, in my mind she did).

    Gail – Anthony had a tracheotomy as a child and was told he’d never TALK again, much less sing. Scott Savol was in the news in the past couple of weeks for beating his girlfriend but has managed to hang on in the competition despite all the bad press.

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