TV: AI4 – The Final Four

Okay, so is anyone out there as scared as I am that Anthony Federov might actually make it to the final three? :scared: Very scary… :wide-eyed:

In other news, I thought Bo ROCKED singing “Money” – and unlike Simon I thought the look he was going for was perfect (including the $ belt buckle).

Vonzell, Vonzell – that first song (what little I heard of it since I speed-watched the Tivo’d episode) was not that good. But her second song? Besides being one of my all-time favorite songs, she worked it OUT . That was by far my favorite Vonzell performance of the entire season. Absolutely brilliant.

Carrie – when will she learn to pick country songs that the WHOLE VOTING COUNTRY can recognize and thus root for? Because singing random Dixie Chicks songs that only country fans would know is NOT the way to get people to vote for you. And yes, I vaguely knew that song, but only when the chorus kicked in and by then I had lost interest.

And WHAT on earth made Carrie and A-Fed both sing the same song? :sarcastic: NOT GOOD. Especially when A-Fed did slightly better. I thought Carrie’s rendition was okay – I was shocked that the judges hated it so much.

I’m afeared, people. Afeared that A-Fed might make it into the final three at Bo’s expense since his first song was boring. Afeared that A-Fed might make it into the final three because Vonzell’s first song sucked. Afeared that A-Fed might make it into the final three because his version was better than Carrie’s.


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  1. I may just hurl the next time I hear either “Vonzie” or “The Vonz.”

    I’m sure she’s a nice enough girl…but puhleeese.

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more on all counts. I’m *so* scared Anthony will make the top three. He doesn’t deserve it, but we’ll never convince the teenie-boppers of that!

    In the end, I want it to come down to Vonzell and Bo. I think they’re the most professional and deserve it the most. Carrie’s voice is beautiful, but she isn’t comfortable on stage. Anthony is just… scary. And I’m not sure why people are so into him. His looks are mediocre and he has little control over his voice.

    Sigh. I’m scared to watch tonight.

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