TV: AI4 Results

Part of me isn’t surprised about last night’s results on the first boot night of AI4. But another part of me wonders what is wrong with America.

*spoilers ahead*

I knew Sarah Mather would get the boot, and it cracked me up that when she sang her song again it was about as rousing as her performance the night before – which is why she got the boot. I also wasn’t surprised that Jared Yates got the boot – he was the weakest of the men by far and had very little charisma. For a second during his own repeat performance I thought he was going to just walk off the stage.

The greatest and most unpredictable boot was from Melinda Lira. On performance night I was surprised when the judges complimented her on her performance, which I thought was really off-key. Sure enough, last night they specifically said that on playback it was pitchy. Good, I’m glad it wasn’t just me, and it’s obvious that the studio can play tricks with sound and not give the judges a true indication of the performance. Anyway, when Ryan said she was booted she just stood their shellshocked and didn’t say anything. You could see her mind working, and you could see the steam slowly start rising of her head as she got more and more pissed off.

And Ryan’s stupid chatter. Man, he has no tact whatsoever and is LOUSY at making people feel better. If I had been Melinda I would have told Ryan he’s an ass and walked off the stage. You could see she was tempted (or at least, in my head I could see she was tempted).

The boot that surprised me was Judd’s. First, that was a bigtime jerk thing to do by making him think he’s safe only to suddenly announce he’s booted. I don’t know what the producers are thinking allowing him to do something so cruel. But he handled it with class and performed his song well. It’s a shame he had to go before Joseph Murrena, who was my other choice for getting the boot.

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