TV: AI4 Results, Round Two


So the men chosen to go home were no surprise – I fully expected Murrena and David to go home (sad as I am, David just didn’t perform well live despite being outstanding the entire season up to that point). And I loved how Murrena blamed it on less camera time during the preliminary rounds. If that was the case he would have gone home LAST week with Jared Yates.

But the ladies. What’s up with Aloha going home? Does Linda Cardinale have some hidden fan base that I’m unaware of? Did all the Sara Mather fans go all rabid and latch onto another hopeless case, thus boosting her votes this week? Aloha didn’t deserve to go home.

Celena did though. Yikes what a Brittany Murphy mess she was during her performance.

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  1. I thought the voting went as expected and they still need to change the voting system. They should have people vote for the people they thought sucked so they can’t develop a fanbase and stuff the ballot box for under-performing singers. I think the Rockers, although Constatine stunk it up this week, are pretty good, especially Bo. But they will not go on too much longer due to the Pop-based audience that watches the show. The longer the show goes on, the less votes they will receive. Carrie Underwood still has my choice for top girl singer, but the Country style might not take her to the end. I have to admit that Scott has a tremendous voice that can win, but I can’t stand the attitude and cockyness. He thinks he is 50 cent trapped in a white mans body…… Good luck to Bo and Carrie.

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