TV: AI4 Performances and Judgment

Okay, so I didn’t get to watch AI4 live on Tuesday night because I was out, but I did watch it last night before the live boot show. Believe you me, I’m devastated that I have to admit that Constance Pheaux-Rocker actually did a really good job. Ugh. Typing that sentence gave me shivers. So gross.

It was an underwhelming show compared to last week, but decent enough. Carrie did great, I adored Nadia (Denis didn’t care for her, though), and Bo was technically superb but picked a horrible song (and hat).

So I was surprised when Jessica and Nadia were in the bottom three last night. Federov and Savol should have been there with Anwar – they were all ridiculously bad. Of the three, I would have sent Federov home. Stupid teen girl voting demographic.

And then to have Jessica go home instead of Anwar, who was NOT good? Tragic. But I’m Jessica will release an album…as all Idol folks do.

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  1. I was amazed to see Scott NOT in the bottom three. I had picked Jessica, Anwar, and Scott as bottom three and assumed Scott would go home. Richard likes Scott and even he agreed that he was horrible on Tuesday! We both thought that Anthony’s performance was one of his better ones although Simon obviously hated it. And, even though I love Bo, it did my heart good to hear Simon say that Constantine did better than Bo. Sometimes I think Bo has a little issue with overconfidence.

  2. “Constance Pheaux-Rocker actually did a really good job.”

    That has to be one of the craziest things I have read all day. I know America loves them some Pheaux-Rocker, but that performance was an abomination. I thought for sure you would have agreed with me, but alas you too have been swayed to the dark side.

    Nadia needs to work on projecting her voice or maybe its the fact that she keeps picking sounds that her voice isn’t strong enough for. Of course she knows this and half way through the song she starts shouting instead of singing.

    I agree that Scott and Anthony should have been in the bottom three. I think Scott has a great voice but that his performance this week should have sent him home. Jessica had a great voice but I agree with Simon that she is forgettable.

    Vonzell did an outstanding job and if she keeps it up, I think her and Carrie are going to be the final two. However, we know from past yrs all its takes is one week of picking the wrong song you and are voted out.

    Hopefully next week the people of America will wake up and vote out CPR.

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