TV: AI4 (or, I Laughed When I Woke Up)

Okay, so last night’s AI4 kick-off show was nice. It was nice to see that America isn’t stupid and had Mikalah and Lindsey in the bottom two. I have high hopes that Mikalah will get the boot soon because her singing voice gets more and more annoying as the season continues. By next week I’ll be hitting “mute” on my remote after the first note.

And Lindsey got the boot – no surprise there since she was the “who is that?” contestant for the year (a la Carmen What’s Her Name from the 2003 season – I’m still psyched that she got the boot the very night I was in labor with CootieGirl).

But more importantly, sometime in the early morning I had a dream about Constance Pheaux-Rocker and when I woke up I burst out laughing. Why? Because in the dream I actually took his “talent” seriously. In my dream he was some authentic, cool, really deep, slightly dangerous rocker that I was completely fascinated with. In real life? He’s a complete joke. Thus the laughter when I woke up.

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