TV: AI4 Men’s Night

Okay, so do you all agree with me now that Bo Bice needs to win American Idol? I absolutely adore him. The comment I made to Denis last night was this: Bo Bice IS a rocker, Constance PLAYS at being a rocker. Big difference. I really dislike Constantine.

The only other really GOOD performance was Mario Vasquez. Scott “I’m a psycho” Savol was decent, but I really don’t want him to win because he’s a bit weird. More weird than that Jon Peter kid from last year.

It was strange to watch last night because last week most of the men were really good and last night most of them were really bad. It’s as though they coasted because the judges liked them so much last week.

Except for my main man Bo. Bo was in the zone last night and was the consumate performer.


Note: I didn’t realize that I called Constantine “Constance” in my post – but I’ve decided to leave it. That will be his nickname until he gets the boot. Hopefully soon. Like tomorrow night.

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  1. No one’s talking about Anwar Robinson…he’s my favorite but that’s probably because I think he sounds just like Babyface. 🙂

    And the dreads…I never found those appealing before but between him and Frankie from North Shore, I’m hooked…LOL.

  2. I have to disagree with some of your post. I thought the guys were mediocre last week and were much better this week. And the girls this week lacked a lot in my opinion. Now, I am with you in saying that Bo should win…I think he is by far the best (at least in the guys) and Constantine just doesn’t “get there” for me.

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