TV: AI4 Ladies

Okay, so it’s time to talk American Idol 4, Ladies Edition.

I’m still rooting for Nadia Turner, since she redeemed herself by singing Otis Redding last night (which more than made up for her Paul McCartney massacre from last week).

I think it’s obvious to everyone who needs to go home. Janay and Linda. They’ve been weak the entire time and need to get the boot.

Mikalah Gordon continues to impress me less and less each week. She picked a great song last night (but I’m partial to West Side Story) but because she’s so completely nasal when she sings it’s distracting, and therefore annoying.

My top picks for the Final Four of AI4: Bo Bice, Nadia Turner, Mario Vasquez, Carrie Underwood.

In that order.

Yes, I’m picking Bo Bice to win the whole thing.

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  1. I think your evaluation is right on the money, but I think that Mario will win the whole enchilada. I think as the weeks go on, the country singer (Carrie) and the Rocker (Bo), will be extremly outnumbered by the pop based audience that watch AI. More people will vote for Mario just because of his style than they would vote for a rocker. But, to me Bo definatly should take it and Carrie will get signed even if she goes home this week.

  2. I am hoping too that Janay gets the boot this evening. She should have been let go the first week. Heckfire, she shouldn’t have made it to the final 12 girls in the first place.

    My final four are: Nadia Turner, Vonzell Solomon, Carrie Underwood & Anthony Federov.

    My pick to win is either Nadia or Anthony.

  3. Larz, I agree with you 100%. Let’s stop the show right now. No more suspense. We have a winner. You can all go home now. Nothing to see here.

  4. If Anwar can keep up the pace like he did this week I think he will give Mario a run for the money. I still pick Bo as my fave guy and Carrie by far as my fave girl although I agree that Nadia is very good too. I think there are enough people out there to keep a rocker going. I am very much a pop person, but I think Bo is the best out there this year. I worry a little as it progresses to themes and hope he will continue to be able to impress a wide range of viewers. I think if all the top 12 recorded their own albums, the only 2 I might buy would be Carrie and Bo. Even if I like the others, I should go with who I think appeals enough to me to buy their album, right? That is what it is all about — selling the album in the end.

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