TV: AI4 – Girl’s Night Out

Last night on AI4 it was the girl’s turn. I think the episode proved that the boys are stronger this year. Only three girls turned in standout performances, I think we can all agree on that.

Aloha Mischeaux (no relation to Mary Roach Gilbeaux) surprised me. Since they haven’t focused on her at all in previous episodes, I had my doubts about her. However, she did a great job last night. Nadia Turner also surprised me – I wasn’t expecting a rocker but she was awesome and if she continues to perform at that caliber she will definitely go far in this competition. Lastly, the only other standout performance was Carrie Underwood, the countryfied gal. She did a decent job although Aloha and Nadia were better. Those should be the top three of the night since they were the only truly spectacular performances.

Who’s get the boot tonight? It should be Amanda Vila and Sarah Mather. Both girls were boring and Sarah was completely stiff up there. Sure, she sang the right notes, but there was nothing behind them whatsoever.

However, who knows how America voted? People are stupid, so it could be that folks like Bo Bice and Nadia Turner are going home simply because Constantine and Sarah are just a touch cuter. That’s sad…

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