TV: AI4 Finale

So last night was the big finale of American Idol 4. Carrie’s dead eyes were in full effect. I actually rewound Tivo so that Denis could see it since he was out of the room. There’s NO emotion in her voice when she sings – it’s the same sound the entire time, and it became really obvious when they flashed her three songs together at the end.

My main man Bo did a great job. I hated his first song, but he did okay with it, all things considered. I hope he doesn’t record it though, because that is one crappy song. Ditto with Carrie’s “signature” song – it was also horrendous. The song they shared – that heaven song, was great, and Bo totally outdid Carrie on that one.

I was thrilled that Bo sang “Vehicle” again, which was my favorite performance of his all season. Zing went the heartstrings and all that. I agree with Simon that she should have sung “Crying” instead of that Martina McBride song – “Crying” was her best song all season as well.

I still think Bo is going to win. And even if he doesn’t I’m still going to buy his album when it comes out.

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  1. I felt as though Bo was throwing the competition Carrie’s way – like he was told that he was getting a contract so just do it. Joe told me that he saw on another show that Bo had lost his voice on Monday. Anyway, I got through about four times to vote for him.

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