TV: AI4 Final Three

Okay, so Bo is pretty much the American Idol this year, you all know that, right?

I was worried when he had to sing “Don’t Let The Sun” because that song is hard to ‘make your own’, but he did a great job with it. His Badlands song was brilliant – to sing acapella was a fabulous idea. And lastly, his Rolling Stones cover was perfect for him.

I loved Carrie’s version of “Crying” – I thought I heard some genuine emotion in there and it helped that the lights were kept off her face so her dead eyes weren’t visible. But I hated her Air Supply cover and even more hated her Shania Twain cover. But that’s that last one was the judges’ fault for picking it.

But, I think Carrie is safe because Vonzell just flat out sucked last night. Seriously. She massacred “On The Radio” which should NOT be that hard to sing. And Fantasia was much better with “Chain of Fools” because Vonzell doesn’t have soul – she’s too perky to have soul. As for that Dionne Warwick song, well, suffice to say that if Cheryl “Charlie’s Angel” Ladd can cover that song, anyone can. But Vonzell didn’t do as well as Cheryl Ladd (I should know – I have the 1978 album to prove it).

Bo and Carrie in the finals, handsdown. Bo is our winner. :up: No need for a finale, although I’m really looking forward to it.

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  1. I have to disagree with you except for what you said about Bo.

    As for Carrie, I didn’t think “Cryin’ ” was all that great and I definitely didn’t care for the Shania song for her…she just doesn’t have the true “bad girl attitiude” that she needed to have to carry the performance. I thought the Air Supply song was the best of the three although I think the band was too loud which caused her to kind of scream over them in parts.

    As for Vonzell—well, I thought the first song was pretty good…I LOVED “Chain of Fools”—thought it was the best AI rendition I’d heard, and “On the Radio” was average—but I’d never heard the song before—so I can’t say much about it other than it was “ok” for me.

    I think Bo will win. I tried for 2 hours to get through to vote for him and was never able to get through on either line.

    Performance wise from last night I think it could be either girl in the finale, but I BELIEVE Carrie has a stronger fan base.

  2. I agree with almost everything you said. I didn’t think Carrie did that well with “Crying”.:scared:

    Everything else I agree with.

    BO “will be your next American Idol”

    Ace Out

  3. yes…it will be Bo. but don’t fret…both Carrie and Bo will walk away from this with contracts…so, do we really care who wins??

    of course…i’ll still watch!

  4. I believe that Carrie is going to be our next AI because all the songs that she sings are perfect. But uf she don’t she’ll still get a record deal.

  5. I think that there are plenty of haters out there. I would just like to say that Vonzell is the best thing that happened to AI4! THANK YOU, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!:cheer:

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