TV: AI4 – Down To The Final Five

So tonight was the first night where each cast member (as Constance Pheaux-Rocker called them last week) sang two songs. I sped watched the episode but pretty much got the gist of each performance. Here’s my :2cents: :

1. Anthony Federov – First song? Ugh. Second song. Double Ugh. But what’s great about him sucking so bad is that the website that’s trying to get the worst contestant out may vote for A-Fed, thus making

2. Scott Savol the one that gets kicked off the show. Now, I thought his “Nights on Broadway” was decent. A couple clunkers, but a decent job. That second song. Suh-hucked. But I think A-Fed was worse. I’ll have to check out the Vote for the Worst website to see if they agreed. I hope they did.

3. Vonzell – I liked what I saw of her first song, but I hated that second song that was also a group song. However, she did a decent job and is just such a cutie pie that she’ll probably make it another couple rounds.

4. Bo Bice – my beloved little coke fiend. He rocked, as always. I just hope that he learned his lesson and that the sparkle in his eye was purely due to enthusiasm. Still love him.

5. Carrie did great technically, but I definitely see the dead-eyed thing that a few other bloggers have mentioned. Vonzell is very expressive with her eyes, Carrie has nothing up there – as Simon said, technically it was good if not a little robotic.

My picks for bottom three, based on results in previous weeks – A-Fed, Scott and Vonzell in the bottom three. Vonzell safe first, then A-Fed, with (hopefully) Scott finally going home.

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  1. i completely agree…with almost everything you wrote…even down to my picks for the bottom three. i think Anthony will go tonight, though. there are some crazies out there still voting for Scary Scott (did you check out his make-up last night…now he’s even scarier!)

  2. I picked the same bottom three and hope that Scott goes home. But from the rumors…he may make it another week. I wrote my “review” of the show last night on my blog, too. Ugh, Scott makes me want to puke. Enjoying reading your blog!


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