TV: AI4 Dance Fever

I just finished watching tonight’s eppy of AI4 and wanted to comment before it all left my head in sleep.

1) Constance Pheaux-Rocker ruined a perfectly good Bee Gees song that was made immortal by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake on Saturday Night Live. He will never be forgiven.

2) Carrie Underwood did a decent job doing one of my least favorite Donna Summer songs. I thought she looked good – don’t know what Simon was talking about there, but his comment did make me laugh.

3) Scott Savol – I hate that song, but I admit he did a great job with it. It could only be an improvement after last week.

4) Anthony Federov – was it my imagination or was he channeling Peter Allen? That’s all I have to say about that.

5) Vonzell Solomon – wasn’t impressed. I disagree with Simon – I don’t think she got away with her Chaka Khan/Whitney impression.

6) Anwar Robinson – Yet another song that I personally can’t stand. Unimpressed, we flipped through this one pretty quickly on Tivo, so I can’t comment.

7) Bo Bice. Me likey. He rocked it out and I heart him.

My choices for bottom three? Carrie, Vonzell and Anwar, with Anwar going home.

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  1. I agree that Vonzell didn’t really do that song justice, but do think she is the best singer in the entire compitition. I hope she wins it all.

    I am up in the air about who is in the bottom 3 this week or who is going home. If I had my choice it was be Contantine (but knowing how America votes) that probably wont happen.

    **Side Note**
    Amazing Race was very emotional last night! Great Episode.

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